works for E3 series



works for E3 series

As the supplier of the standardized ECAD component database, we offer you a fast, high-quality, and low-cost solution for increasing the efficiency of your ECAD division.





  • E3 component creation according to our Standard
  • Complete care for you component data bank
  • Advising in further developing the database
  • Advising in creating components
  • Database analysis with regard to consistency and the use of automatisms


With our E3 component database we enable you to bring your innovative products to market considerably faster with enormous cost reductions. Our professionally created and guaranteed components are classified multilingually per eCl@ss and meet the basic requirements for Industry 4.0. All meaningful and available system automatisms are completely supported by the database.

The E3 component database is also available as a hosted full-service provision, if desired.


Are you planning the further development of your E3-series component database or do you want to obtain an overview of the structure, the connections, and the contents of your existing component database? We will assist you professionally and effectively with this

With our analysis tool we will find out where problems and errors have slipped into the existing database and show opportunities for increasing efficiency in project planning, component creation, and database management.


ECAD E3 components are found in our database simply by entering the manufacturer and order number or other specifications:
  • Possibility 1: Automated directly from your ERP system
  • Possibility 2: Manually via our online platform


Components that are still unavailable are created and prepared by our professionals. "Premium" and professional" members receive fast service times for creating components--guaranteed.


MY PORT Welcome

E3-series component database

    Component not found?
    Please put the desired component here.
    You will be informed as soon as the component is available.

    We offer components standardized per ECAD-Port standard:

    • Symbols according to current standards such as IEC60617, ISO1219 
    • Geometrically correct construction forms, with STEP models according to availability
    • Form board views at 1:1 for plug-in connectors
    • Support of all usual and current automatisms, such as automatic material selection or routing capability for panels,
    • Classified and attributed per eCl@ss



    The use of our community's services offers new opportunities for price-setting: for community members, as the component is sold more often, the price of every component lowers.


    Should a community member pay more for a component than the satisfactory price, up to 66% of the sale price will be refunded upon resale. This cash-back function applies from the first resale.

    Membership & PRICE

    Membership models

    Select from our individual membership models the exact service level you need.

    Components Standard Stan Professional Prof Premium Prem Partner Part
    Discount / Component 10 % ≤ 50% ≤ 60% 60%
    Max. cash back -- 47% 56% --
    Including CDB ¹ -- 1 3 --
    Price per further CDB ¹ ² 150,00 75,00 25,00 25,00
    Partner Membership -- -- --
    Counseling/training day 1.400,00 1.400,00 1.200,00 1.200,00
    ERP connectivity --
    Guaranteed BT/day -- 3/2 3/1
    Membership² 0,00 300,00 450,00 150,00
    ¹ CDB Component Database | ² Price per month
    Premium members can make their components available to their partners at an advantage.

    Goals of the component initiative:

    1. Simple component information access for E3 users

    E3 series users should be offered the application of component data directly from the manufacturer at the highest possible level of detail with a simple form.

    2. Component manufacturers make E3 component information available
    Component manufacturers should be incited by the large number of E3 series users to make E3 series component information about their products available for free.

    We offer you:

    • Professional and high-quality components for representation in your products in the E3 series
    • Direct integration of your products into the E3 users' component database
    • Free availability for your products on our platform in the E3 series format

    The implementation of your products in the E3-series component database

    • Together with you, we will compile the most efficient way to read your component master files, which in an ideal case are in BMEcat format as eCl@ss files, in the E3-Series component database.
    • Your component master files will be completed by us with E3-series-specific information about the connection point descriptions, correct symbols according to current norms, current automatisms, and geometric representation.
    • You only will pay once for our costs.

    Delivery of your products for E3-series users

    • As a partner business of ECAD-PORT, all of your products are displayed in our database with your logo
    • Our mutual customers receive--for free, of course--the components prepared with your support.
    • We will happily announce the completion of our cooperation with you in our newsletter
    • You are free to provide the created components to your customers on your home page.

    Goals of the Component Initiative

    1. Simple access to component data for the E3 user

    E3-series users should be offered the application of component data at the highest possible level of detail directly from the manufacturer with a simple form.

    2. Component manufacturers make E3 component information available
    Component manufacturers should be incited by the large number of E3 series users to make E3 series component information about their products available for free.


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